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What do we do?

With a professional foundation in IT field, we appeared with a role to become a parter for domestic and foreign projects. Every challenge in business or social life is all goals need to be fulfilled through IT solutions we have been providing. We contantly develop to become an expert in following fields:

With a young and high professional staff, We are trusted partner for domestically and internationally outsourcing projects

In the current economic rotation, work specialization is essential for a business to continuously improve the quality of product, service and labor productivity, gruarantee that it can supply output in sufficient quantity. Besides, it remains many other reasons for a business to choose Outsourcing:

  • Reduce and manage costs better
  • Cooperate with a leading company that has a professional teamwork
  • Share the risk with partner companies
  • Take advantages of the best resources from the outside
  • Exploit inside internal resources and improve the financial expertise of the company

With a long-term operation with No.1 partner, Primarynet in Korea, combined with a young, creative, active and specialized human resource, Softone is confident incapacity to become a trusted partner, support businesses in the process of construction and development

We are the No.1 partner of Korean Primarynet Group, we always improve and upgrade IoT solutions to serve life, especially in Telecom, Energy fields,…

With available advantages and a dynamic, creative young team, besides projects for partners, Softone also starts up new technology applications on smartphones to serve users, provide many ultilities and contribute to the development of 4.0 industry in all aspects of life. The followings are Softone’s technology projects which are being used by many people.

* Ontrip4u

Ontrip4u is a technology project that helps tourists find local shops with high quality in the place they are traveling such as restaurants, café, nails, spa, tattoo, souvenir shops, …Especially, tourists can get big promotions from these shops just by simple steps on their smartphones: scan the QRcode, or enter store code. Ontrip4u creates an ecosystem including partners, we work with shops that have high-quality products and services, with good promotions for tourists, and then Ontrip4u will advertise these shops through media channels In addition to bringing benefits to local businesses and customers, Ontrip4u promotes the best travel images, supports customers access to special cultural features in the local life With more than 200 partners available in Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines, Ontrip4u accompanies customers as a trusted guide.


Fellow4u is a mean to connect tour guides and travelers. When services from food, shopping to transportation are gradually being technologicalized through mobile applications, travel service also needs to be technologicalized to approach maximally users in need, as well as help them have wonderful experiences, save time and money Pioneering in booking guide through mobile app, Fellow4u has It has full of functions to support and help users to access, use it in the easiest way. Why do you (a Guide) need Fellow4u? – Accompany you anytime and anywhere – Freely get a part time job suitable for your time and ability – Improve your language skills and make new friends around the world – Get commission from the system when inviting other Guides Why do you (a Traveler) need Fellow4u? – Easily look for a tour guide anytime and anywhere without going through any travel agency – Learn local culture with a local guide – Save your money in a quick and easy way – Actively choose a Guide you like most, based on your and Guide’s personal description – Discover interesting places that have never appeared in common travel handbooks or blogs With a desire to support customers to use services in a smart, economical and effective way, Fellow4u has been constantly improved and developed, promised to become a HOT application that connects travelers and guides in a quick and convenient way, especially in industrial revolutionary 4.0